Manage back office administration like a breeze

One Platform to increase productivity, and daily product delivery quality

Benefits and Use Cases

Integration with ERP system to improve overall business operation

Standardize the operation process through the implementation of best practices resulting in increased productivity, decreased inefficiency and increased product quality.

Centralized data management

Standardize data and information through uniform reporting, especially for large companies which usually consist of many business units with different numbers and types of businesses.

Mobile Access for workers

Digitalize worker daily process to increase effectivity and reports collection. With Qore API, you don’t have to think about the backend, which means faster development.


Expand your customer experience and gain a new marketing possibility

Get to know your customers, to create a more personalized marketing campaign close to their hearts.

Benefits and Use Cases

Define what campaign fits for your segmentation or discover entirely new ones

Collect customer data from your every product purchase and create a user profile. Then you can analyze and define whether your current strategy fits your segmentation or you can devise a new strategy for a new segmentation.

Retarget ads channel to better market your products through marketing campaigns

Based on segmentation, AIXP can retarget ads in order to maximize sales. To retarget means to hit the audience with segmented ads. When you know the spot where the lead left your funnel, it gets easier to offer something qualified to that stage.

Create a personalized customer experience for every purchasing journey

Reward your customer with personalised experience to gain their trust in your brand and establish loyalty.

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