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Make the move from paper to digital. Build apps quickly and hassle-free with Qore.

Build Apps. Fast.

Qore is a Rapid Enterprise App Development Platform to Digitalize and Automate your Business Process

With Qore, your team can build apps in weeks instead of months, with zero compromises.

Faster App Development

Qore reduces the total cost of ownership. With one single platform, you spend less for maintenance and can increase the productivity per developer.​

Lower Cost

Rapidly Iterate

Making changes to your app is as easy as never before. no more waiting for the change request to be done.


Creating your database is as simple as creating a spreadsheet

Easily begin building your database system with table based interface, then you can go from there. Create with our various field types to add custom logic, manage your workflow and your business contact better, track your business performance, and keep up with the schedule that you can connect to all of your fields.

Decide how your data want to be seen

Experience flexibility of creating your own database and change how it looks as you like. Main view, Kanban, Gallery view, can help you to see your work better.

Let the machine do the tedious work

Use Workflow automation and minimize human error to let you focus on other important work. Qore can detect event changes in the database and update it through all of your integrated platform. You can also schedule the changes yourself periodically and Qore will do the rest.

Integrate Qore to other systems

Whether you already have every database for every different part of your business, you can integrate it to qore. With Qore API generator you don’t have to create the backend part when you want to create a website or apps. Simply connect it to your database in Qore, and you only have to think about the frontend bit. Also, you can integrate Qore to other 3rd party software like slack, webhook or zapier

Create your ideal database in a flash

Qore can help you start building your database as quick as you can. Or you can be quicker if you choose our ready-made template. Choose what fits, be done in minutes.

Enjoy collaborative work in projects

You don’t have to be alone anymore, you can manage your project and add others to help you. Give your teammates their member role so they can access specific table that you want. You can also add table from other project in Qore to ease the connection between projects with the data integrity still intact.

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