Bring the Wholesome Experience to Your Customer

Find out how well your customer journey, analyze it, and make your customer the best part of your business

Create the most on-target customer experience with our intelligence platform

AIXP can manage all of your customer data sources and merge them into one profile, With our deep through event collector, you can track the customer journey and create a customer profile and your own segmentation. Then you can analyze the collected data to use in your own apps, further marketing campaigns, and ads retargeting.

Track Real-time Customer Journey

With AIXP, you can track every journey that they went through in your business. You can find out what makes them purchase your product, or why they didn’t buy it, and you can even find out what went wrong in the middle of their journey.

One-to-one personalization

Take advantage of your collected data to make one-to-one personalization. AIXP can recognize their history of purchase and use it to display what offer would you make for your customer.

Make effective marketing campaigns

AIXP can help lower costs and higher flexibility for your marketing efforts, and help you create an effective marketing campaign. Also, you can explore new opportunities to incorporate multiple types of media into your marketing

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