Evolve Your Retail Business Operation to Gain Effectivity and Better Management with Qore 

One Platform to increase productivity, and daily product delivery quality

Benefits and Use Cases

Centralized database platform

Help you manage and integrate all of your products, store, workers and productivity data in one platform

Integrated Warehouse Management

Integrate all of the inventory in the warehouse, kiosk, and its branch to be managed under one system.

Create PoS system

With Qore, Feedloop can easily & swiftly create Backend that needed for PoS System for any restaurant,cafe or store and even it can be set tailored to how the business normally operate.

PT. Paragon Innovation Technology

Unifiying Digital Operations
Integrate all of the Paragon application especially all of its shopping channels into one dedicated CMS to make them easier to manage all of the inventory in only one platform.
Loyalty Platform
Product Management System
Marketplace Order Management System
Digital Channel Inventory

Improve Customer Experience to Increase Revenue and Build Loyalty with Feedloop AIXP

Decrease cart abandonment, track the customer journey, also create more engaging and personalized marketing campaigns


Gather data of customers, before they even logged in

AIXP can track every event that transpires in your business activity, which means you can find out what their journey even before they logged in.

Combine and track customer data from online and offline touchpoints.

Whether it’s your online marketplace or offline store, we can collect customer data all the same.

Create a personalized customer experience for every shopping journey

Reward your customer with personalised experience to gain their trust in your brand and establish loyalty.

Ready to grow your business with our platform-based solution?